Oscillations: Immersive Virtual Experiences in the Performing Arts

Recent breakthroughs in neuroscience and immersive technologies provide mechanisms for engineering an entirely new mode of performance art — one that engages audiences to unprecedented degrees.

What if this immersive performance art paired the performing arts’ and entertainment industry’s most creative, physically adroit dancers and athletes with the most innovative, polyrhythmic music? Oscillations has brought together a team of such movement artists, musicians, scientists, and technologists to explore this possibility. In line with their goal of exposing the public to cutting-edge art, science, and technology, they are documenting the story of their ambitious explorations. Students are invited to design a variety of creative experiments and prototypes, including motion capture as it relates to VR/AR, measures of audience engagement, measures of virtual performers’ “presence,” soundscapes for immersive experiences, and new modes of immersive storytelling.

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Faculty and Staff Leads

Zach Wise

Associate Professor

Emmy winning interactive producer & Associate Professor @NorthwesternU, @KnightLab. Formerly of The New York Times. Creator of TimelineJS & StoryMapJS

Danielle Perszyk

Brendan Lewis


Gabriel Caniglia

Joo-Young Lee

Ben Singer

Khoa Truong

Harriet White