Information Spaces in AR/VR

An experimental design project that explores an emerging concept of information spaces. This concept is behind Microsoft’s pivot to create future Windows operating systems that exist in mixed reality headsets. Students will explore the concept of a news/information app that exists in AR and/or VR. For example, a political news feed might exist on a wall in your living room, and breaking news would appear on a coffee table, twitter reactions surround the coffee table on the floor. Students will also explore the same concept in a virtual environment.

Faculty and Staff Leads

Zach Wise

Associate Professor

Emmy winning interactive producer & Associate Professor @NorthwesternU, @KnightLab. Formerly of The New York Times. Creator of TimelineJS & StoryMapJS

Project Details

2018 Spring

Important Questions

  • How do people manage a space for information?
  • How does a space affect information retention and impact?
  • Does a physical mental model of a space cause problems if the information is moved to another space?

Sample Milestones

  • Domain exploration. Research, experience and discuss VR/AR information spaces. Students will spend the first two weeks of class learning 3D modeling and prototyping.
  • Develop a prototyping workflow.
  • Prototype information environments, user test, feature definition and iteration.
  • Build working prototype aimed at possible future product.


Students will grapple with an understanding of how space affects people’s understanding of the information in it. Discover and document new opportunities for human understanding of information. Working prototype for the outside world.


Nikola Boskovic

Xizi Sun