Creative Co-Author

Creative Co-author is a creative writing enhancement tool that focuses primarily on pounding out the first draft. It is type-ahead cranked up to eleven. It types ahead, lurks behind, and generally peers over your shoulder while you pound out words in a speed-draft writing reverie.

Co-author does not write for you, but equips you with tools to forge ahead, getting your ideas out onto the page. Using technology similar to the way type-ahead features work, Creative Co-author will suggest words and phrases along the way as you spill your guts into something that might resemble a first draft. Words are not merely suggested in type-ahead form, but are provided in a unique interface that facilitates and encourages rapid changes to the text, both ahead and behind.


Results from the project

Faculty and Staff Leads

Scott Bradley

Senior Engineer

With engineering and computer science degrees from Purdue and DePaul, Scott focuses on AI, NLP & web solutions for science and media.