Scott Bradley

Senior Engineer

Mercurial technologist currently focused on electronics and natural language processing.


Projects Scott Bradley has worked on.

Creative Co-Author

Creative Co-author is a creative writing enhancement tool that focuses primarily on pounding out the first draft. It is type-ahead cranked up to eleven. It types ahead, lurks behind, and generally peers over your shoulder while you pound out words in a speed-draft writing reverie.

Environmental Reporting with Sensors

Sensor journalism uses sensors to collect information about our environment. It opens new possibilities for journalists enabling them to collect and process data that might not be available or at a level of detail not previously available.

Privacy Mirror

The average person today that has a smartphone, walks around leaking information about themselves over radio signals. WiFi, bluetooth and NFC radiate personal information into the public airwaves. These signals can tell you a lot about a person without their knowledge. To raise awareness around privacy and security for digital devices, this project will seek to create a “mirror” that reflects back information that is radiating out from anyone who stands in front of it. Frequencies include: RFID cell phones, WiFi, bluetooth, Misc RF at 900Mhz 2.4Ghz 5Ghz

SensorGrid API and Dashboard

SensorGrid is Knight Lab's experimental prototype environmental sensor wireless network system. This project will focus on the design and development of the web API and user dashboard for SensorGrid data management and presentation.

Exploring Software Defined Radio

Explore SDR and its uses for journalism, education, and citizen science

Visual Recipes

Cooking often seems harder than it really is. The literature doesn't seem to help us here either. A lot of modern cooking instruction seems to be written in an overly-narrative style, often emphasizing prose aesthetics as much as practical instruction. Obscure techniques and exotic ingredients can leave one to wonder, what is essential to a recipe? What must be replicated and what can be simplified?