SensorGrid API and Dashboard

SensorGrid is Knight Lab's experimental prototype environmental sensor wireless network system. This project will focus on the design and development of the web API and user dashboard for SensorGrid data management and presentation.

Project challenges include web application development, API development, data management, data presentation, and issues specific to environment related data. Experience in any of these areas will be a valuable asset to project applicants. Interest in data reporting, environmental science, environmental reporting, and visual design of user interfaces will all also be helpful.

A simple bare-bones web API for SensorGrid data exists as a starting point to this project. This has been built with Flask and Mongo. Further exploration into these and other potential technologies is being done during the Fall 2017 quarter to begin to build out the dashboard functionality. The current project will build on that work and the existing SensorGrid data protocols to build out a complete API and data presentation application.

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Results from the project

Faculty and Staff Leads

Scott Bradley

Senior Engineer

With engineering and computer science degrees from Purdue and DePaul, Scott focuses on AI, NLP & web solutions for science and media.


Michael Cahana

Alex Cohen

Michael Martinez

Yingliao Wang

Maxine Whitely