Podcast Discoverability

The podcasting landscape is overcrowded, with larger voices from legacy broadcast media sometimes drowning out new entrants. Browsing for new-to-you, quality podcasts is hard, with shows scattered across distribution platforms. This team will explore how we might provide users a better path to discovering new podcasts.

Podcast Discoverability Group Picture
Zach Wise
Podcast Discoverability group picture.

Faculty and Staff Leads

Emily Withrow

Assistant Professor

Story mechanic - maintaining the engines of great storytelling across platforms. Current research focus - voice user interfaces. Past life - @TheAVClub, @McKinsey.

Rebecca Poulson


Rebecca leads AR/VR projects at Knight Lab. In addition to being a software developer and playwright, Rebecca is an Oculus Launchpad Fellow and Mozilla Tech Speaker. She has taught WebVR workshops on three continents.

Zach Wise

Associate Professor

Emmy winning interactive producer & Associate Professor @NorthwesternU, @KnightLab. Formerly of The New York Times. Creator of TimelineJS & StoryMapJS

Project Details

2016 Fall

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