Watch Me Work: Search driven by your own writing

As we work, we often need information to support our thinking. This often requires turning away from the work, pulling up an engine and then typing in a query. If you are writing, however, the queries that we need are already embedded in the text of the document we are authoring.

This project leverages the text in our own documents to automatically create queries that can then be used to find useful information related to our own work product. Using the terms, the view and the current focus, the document itself will provide the grist for the construction of queries to be applied against multiple engines. The results of these queries can then be organized and presented to end users.


Results from the project

Faculty and Staff Leads

Kris Hammond

Professor of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science

Prior to joining the faculty at Northwestern, Kris founded the University of Chicago’s Artificial Intelligence Laboratory. His research has been primarily focused on artificial intelligence, machine-generated content and context-driven information systems. Kris currently sits on a United Nations policy committee run by the United Nations Institute for Disarmament Research (UNIDIR). He received his PhD from Yale.